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Unleashing the Power Within to Investment freedom: Noura Bishay and Trez Ibrahim


In the latest episode of The ADU School, viewers were treated to a powerhouse discussion featuring Noura Bishay, renowned as the ADU Design Queen, and Trez Ibrahim, a seasoned Business and Life Coach. The dynamic duo delved into the profound realms of fear, investment, and the often-underestimated comfort zone. In this blog post, we unravel the wisdom shared by Noura and Trez as they tackled the three biggest questions that haunt individuals contemplating life-altering decisions.


🚀 Fear Conquered, Dreams Unleashed:


The heart of this episode beats to the rhythm of conquering fears and breaking free from comfort zones. Trez Ibrahim, armed with her coaching prowess, delves into the art of audacity, urging viewers to dream bigger and envision a life of grandeur. Unveiling the roots of fear, she provides a roadmap to overcoming barriers and propelling yourself toward a future of boundless possibilities.

🌍 Real-Life Lessons Unveiled:


Noura Bishay adds a poignant touch to the episode, weaving a real-life tale of a client caught in the web of hesitations. Initially eyeing an ADU investment, the client's reluctance due to perceived financial constraints leads to a heartbreaking twist – unemployment and exacerbated financial woes. A stark reminder of the costs of procrastination.


💡 Strategic Financial Navigation:


Trez Ibrahim takes center stage, shedding light on the inevitability of monetary expenditure. The episode challenges you to rethink your spending habits. Will you invest in ventures like ADUs, poised to yield substantial returns, or funnel resources into pursuits that offer no financial reciprocity?


💰 The Weighty Cost of Saying No:


Noura and Trez articulate the substantial costs tied to uttering the word 'no' to ADU investments. Beyond the immediate impact of affirmative decisions, they highlight the far-reaching consequences of perpetual negations – a cascade of missed passive income, property value appreciation, and the luxury of additional living space.


🚀 2024: The ADU Imperative:


Noura boldly declares that, in 2024, abstaining from ADU investments is a luxury no one can afford. Trez Ibrahim echoes this sentiment, portraying ADU investment as a low-risk, high-reward decision, offering a plethora of benefits that extend far beyond the financial realm.



ADU School Episode 11 is not just a show; it's a beacon guiding viewers toward financial freedom. The collaboration between ADU Design Queen Noura Bishay and Trez Ibrahim serves as a clarion call – the time to unlock financial freedom through ADUs is NOW! Don't miss out on the adventure that awaits you. Tune in, dream big, and let the journey to financial liberation commence! 🌈💰✨




More about Trez Ibrahim:

TI International Training and Education

Trez Ibrahim stands as a distinguished Best-Selling Author, Evolutionary Strategist, Master Success Coach, Spiritual Catalyst, International Speaker, and Thought Leader. With a rich background in Neuroscience, Psychology, Emotional Release, Energy, and Business/Organizational Development, she boasts over three decades of experience working with some of the world's most prominent business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and organizations, guiding them to unprecedented levels of success.


In her unwavering commitment to personal development, Trez champions the belief that true fulfillment encompasses achieving a perfect 10 in every facet of life — be it career, finances, health, relationships, or spirituality. Drawing upon her extensive expertise, she is poised and dedicated to supporting individuals through every stage of their journey as they strive to attain their loftiest dreams and goals.


Described by her clients as a high-vibration manifestor alchemist, Trez Ibrahim is hailed as the genuine article — a compassionate and kind guide who, in the most nurturing manner, propels them towards their aspirations. Her approach is not just about transforming lives; it's about uplifting spirits and fostering a holistic sense of well-being.



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