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Another Happy 

Isn't it amazing how ADU's are changing the lives of new immigrants? Today we celebrate Philip Fayez. He is one of our oldest clients. In 2010, we designed his garage conversion. A studio that he now rents out and has a monthly income. In 3 years Philip saved money and we encouraged him to invest in an attached ADU. His vision was a 2 bedroom apartment and it must be wheelchair accessible. We custom-designed it to fit his needs and personality. 

We can't be more proud of our work. Especially, when he stated that 

“Noura Bishay is a joy to work with. She is the mother for ADU  She helped us get our garage conversion/ JADU and inspired us to get an attached ADU. She is extremely creative and  I highly recommend her." 

Philip B Fayez - Lemon Grove


"My ADU Changed My life, it made me feel happy,  Safe, and secured my retirement income" Philip

Urban Design and Drafting Services- San Diego & OC 

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