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NPB Design Studio Services

NPB Design Studio is known for its innovative approach to flexible, personalized, and sustainable design. Their philosophy revolves around creating

spaces that not only meet the unique needs and preferences of their clients but also contribute positively to the environment and the surrounding community.

ADU Living room and kitchen designed by NPB Design Studio

Flexibility is a key principle that underpins NPB Design Studio's work. They understand that people's lifestyles, needs, and tastes can evolve over time, and a rigid, one-size-fits-all approach to design may not be suitable. By prioritizing flexibility, NPB Design Studio creates spaces that can adapt to changing circumstances, allowing clients to modify and reconfigure their environments as their requirements change. This approach ensures that the spaces remain functional and relevant for years to come, maximizing the longevity and value of the design.

kitchen interior design with windows looking toward the backyard

​·         Granny Flats / ADU Design

·         Landscape Design

·         Urban Design

·         Interior Design

·         Landscape Concept Plans

·         Community Character Analysis

·         Construction documents

·         Specification Preparation

·         Obtaining Permits

·         Community Facilitation

·         Custom Design Furniture

·         Visual Computer Simulations

·         Wayfinding

·         Placemaking

·         Vision Creation

·         Site Planning

·         Construction Observation

·         Visual Impact Analysis

Urban Design and Drafting Services- San Diego & OC 

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