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Mission Statement

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"We design spaces that heal, inspire and empower our community"

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About Us

NPB Design Studio is an award-winning mission-driven design firm that is dedicated to creating meaningful and sustainable spaces. Led by its founder, Samia Khair and Noura Bishay, NPB Design Studio has built a reputation for its innovative approach to design, combining creativity with social responsibility. What sets NPB Design Studio apart is its commitment to social impact, incorporating principles of social enterprise and concierge design to make a positive difference in the community. With a focus on healing, inspiring, and empowering the community through design, NPB Design Studio stands out for its holistic and client-centered approach, creating spaces that not only look beautiful but also serve a greater purpose. NPB Design Studio is a true embodiment of the power of design to create positive change and make a lasting impact on people's lives. We have adopted five initiatives to show our community that we care. The initiatives include Alternative housing, She Makes History Award, Tables of Hope, Gardens of Hope,  and the Park-to-Bay Project. 

Noura Bishay
Noura Bishay at Construction Site

California is grappling with a severe housing crisis, marked by soaring prices and limited availability of affordable homes. In the face of this daunting challenge, one potential remedy has emerged: additional dwelling units (ADUs). These secondary housing units, built on existing residential properties, offer a viable solution to the crisis. By utilizing unused space in backyards or converting existing structures, ADUs provide immediate relief by increasing the housing supply without the need for extensive new construction. They offer affordable housing options for individuals and families, generate additional rental income for homeowners, and promote more sustainable land use. ADUs hold great promise in addressing California's housing crisis by expanding housing options and fostering inclusive communities.

She Makes History Award Ceremony collage 2023

She Makes History is a groundbreaking initiative that is empowering women to shape the future and make their mark in history. Founded by a group of visionary women, She Makes History is dedicated to promoting gender equality and women's empowerment through education, leadership development, and community engagement. Through its innovative programs and initiatives, She Makes History is breaking down barriers, challenging societal norms, and creating opportunities for women to excel in their chosen fields.

With a focus on inclusivity, diversity, and intersectionality, She Makes History is making strides toward a more equitable and inclusive world where women are recognized for their contributions and achievements. She Makes History is a trailblazer, inspiring women of all ages and backgrounds to be agents of change and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Table of Hope Lemon Grove

Gardens of Hope is a transformative initiative that uses the power of nature to heal, inspire, and empower individuals and communities. With a mission to create therapeutic and sustainable garden spaces, Gardens of Hope provides spaces for people to connect with nature, engage in therapeutic gardening activities, and find solace and renewal. Through its innovative programs and initiatives, Gardens of Hope is making a positive impact on mental health, physical well-being, and community resilience. From creating community gardens in urban areas to offering gardening therapy for individuals facing physical or mental health challenges, Gardens of Hope is a beacon of hope, nurturing growth and fostering a sense of community connection. Gardens of Hope demonstrates how the simple act of gardening can bring healing, inspiration, and empowerment to individuals and communities alike, cultivating a brighter future for all. Our neighbors generously contributed their backyards, and together we will create charming community gardens aimed at providing an abundance of organic, fresh produce. We are committed to sustainability, evident in our Garden of Hope, where we employ recycled materials such as wood, cardboard, and compost. Our environmentally conscious practices extend to our efficient drip irrigation system, as well as the nourishment our plants receive from the fishpond. Additionally, our community actively donates surplus plants, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and collaboration.

Our Founder

Noura Bishay, AIA Associate

Noura is an urban designer who has a passion to design spaces that inspire, heal and empower the community to be more resilient. She received her master’s degree in Architecture from the New School of Architecture and Design. There, her thesis study, “The Green Network”, which focuses on the Park-to-Bay Project, received the SDAPA Academic Award. Noura designed the Park-to-Bay Project, which is a safe, sustainable, inclusive, green corridor that connects Balboa Park to the San Diego Bay with a linear park and safe bike lane. The double aisle of trees and linear park will replace parallel parking in the right of way (public domain), thus decrease pollution, encourage walkability and promote safe cycling. Noura combines compassion with art to design and create spaces that matter. Her passion to add walkable parks in San Diego's Park-Poor and low-income neighborhoods to alleviate poverty distinguish her. The community nominated Noura for the 2019 Inclusive and Diverse Leadership in Action Award and the 2021 Tällberg-SNF-Eliasson Global Leadership Prize. Noura chose the Kroc School’s Master’s in Social Innovation to continue her education. She is a winner for the changemaker's Challenge most original idea “The Blink Project”.

She is a SEED LAB Fellow and great business women. 

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The Table of Hope is a grassroots initiative that embodies the power of community resilience. It began with a simple act of volunteering and has grown into a movement that provides food and support to those in need. Through the dedication and resourcefulness of its founder and team of volunteers, the Table of Hope has become a beacon of hope for individuals and families facing food insecurity during the pandemic. It has created a sense of community, bringing people together to support each other and create positive change. The Table of Hope is a shining example of how resilience, compassion, and unity can make a tangible difference in the lives of those who are struggling, showcasing the power of human kindness and community spirit. The Table of Hope is a food-sharing table open 24/7 for the community during the pandemic. It served over 1000 families and rescued tons of food each week from more than 10 organizations.

Cheryl's Garden of Hope

The Park-to-Bay project has a compelling vision to inspire, heal, and empower community resiliency by fostering deep connections between individuals, communities, nature, art, history, culture, and tradition. Anchored by a green corridor and a linear park, the project aims to create a healthier environment that enhances San Diego's image and livability. With a span of 2.1 miles, it reunites three previously divided underserved communities (Golden Hill, Southeastern San Diego, and Barrio Logan) along 25th Street and Cesar E. Chavez Parkway. By linking prominent parks like Balboa Park, Grant Hill Park, Chicano Park, and Cesar E Chavez Park, it establishes a continuous city park system that addresses environmental, recreational, social, and transportation injustices often faced by underserved communities. The project's anticipated outcomes extend beyond imagination, as it stimulates economic growth, boosts real estate values, encourages entrepreneurship, and supports tourism while reducing the burden of chronic disease. Socially, it promotes social cohesion, vibrant communities, and inclusive decision-making. Environmentally, it contributes to carbon footprint reduction through the planting of over 3,000 trees, while fostering active transportation and incorporating innovative practices in green energy, water reuse, recycling, and waste reclamation.

Noura Bishay Headshot
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