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About Us

NPB Design Studio is an Urban design and drafting firm. Founded by Samia Khair and Noura Bishay to design places that inspire, heals, empower our community using social impact design. Our firm is a social enterprise with a mission to create social change in all of its manifestations starting with housing, food insecurity, and adding parks. we strive to solve these problems through designs. 


Our designs respond to the needs of our clients and the community. We believe design is a way to connect, communicate, and collaborate. Our Firm vision is to leverage physical space where life happens, and create memories utilizing our multi-culture, multi-regional, and international experience. The ability to create unique and meaningful designs for anything, from custom design furniture, light features, landscaping, interior, building, and urban design.

Our founder, Noura Bishay, has literary changed the map of Egypt with her projects and is determined to change San Diego’s map too. We have dealt with all kinds of projects and we give the same attention to small and big projects including single-family residences, ADU’s,  multi-family housing, Commerical buildings, streetscapes, plazas, parks, visual impact analysis and the layout of large master-planned communities.

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The services we provide are up to perfection. They include:

  • Granny Flats Design

  • Landscape Design

  • Urban Design

  • Interior Design

  • Custom Design furniture


  • Visual Impact Analysis

  • Visual Computer Simulations

  • Community Character Analysis


  • Wayfinding

  • Placemaking

  • Vision Creation

  • Site Planning

  • Construction Observation

  • Landscape Concept Plans

  • Construction documents

  • Specification Preparation

  • Obtaining Permits

  • Community Facilitation

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Our Founder

Noura Bishay, AIA Associate

Noura is an urban designer who has a passion to design spaces that inspire, heal and empower the community to be more resilient. She received her master’s degree in Architecture from the New School of Architecture and Design. There, her thesis study, “The Green Network”, which focuses on the Park-to-Bay Project, received the SDAPA Academic Award. Noura designed the Park-to-Bay Project, which is a safe, sustainable, inclusive, green corridor that connects Balboa Park to the San Diego Bay with a linear park and safe bike lane. The double aisle of trees and linear park will replace parallel parking in the right of way (public domain), thus decrease pollution, encourage walkability and promote safe cycling. Noura combines compassion with art to design and create spaces that matter. Her passion to add walkable parks in San Diego's Park-Poor and low-income neighborhoods to alleviate poverty distinguish her. The community nominated Noura for the 2019 Inclusive and Diverse Leadership in Action Award and the 2021 Tällberg-SNF-Eliasson Global Leadership Prize. Noura chose the Kroc School’s Master’s in Social Innovation to continue her education. She is a winner for the changemaker's Challenge most original idea “The Blink Project”.

She is a SEED LAB Fellow and great business women. 

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