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Urban Design 

Park-to-Bay Project, San Diego

Node 1; The Logan Plaza

Have you ever felt lonely and isolated, I did, and it made me wonder can this be related to the city design? Jan Gehl once said, “First we shape the city- then the city shapes us.” we deserve more, we deserve to live in a city that encourages you to enjoy walking and feel safe cycling. A city that promotes community building, healthy living styles, and meaningful places. I would like to introduce you to the Park-to-Bay Project located in San Diego, we aim to connect Balboa Park with the Bay in one vital corridor, while it reunites three communities. As well as link 4 parks including Balboa Park and Chicano Park. Logan Plaza is one of the main nodes in the corridor. How can we take an underutilized corridor that had no identity and transformed it into a place that matters? By adding Linear Parks that connects parks and links communities. Also, emphasizing the community identity through art that represents the culture, tradition, and history. Information without application no transformation. Without political will pushed by the communities, we will stay the same. Take action and stand for yourself. You deserve more! Demand it Now

Node 2; 94 Freeway wing

Freeways leds/ cover are expensive and hard to fund. What about a freeway wing? at this location, you can get almost 7 acres just by doing the freeway wings

The first street section created for the Park-to-Bay Project

14th street Promenade

The arch stands for the diverse cultures of San Diego; no culture has not used the arch as a symbol or as a structural element. It is facing the direction of Balboa Park in an attempt to remind the community of the one and only Balboa Park. Since this project aims to connect Balboa Park to the bay, The arch is a symbol of Balboa Park. A column that represents Downtown San Diego and East Village towers support the arch. In other words, Downtown San Diego and East Village towers unite and create a relationship with Balboa Park.

Street Section option

14th Street Promenade, San Diego

It is a community-driven project led by Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 (C3). C3 offers a comprehensive approach to growth management by encouraging open space, high standards of urban design, and coordination of planning between public and private sectors so that San Diego's continuing development will complement its natural setting.C3 mission is to present objective information, constructive opinion and educational programs reflecting the deliberation of our members, and to weigh matters in view of their contribution toward the highest standards of environmental quality, physical design, economic benefit, and social progress, according to principles set forth in Toward Permanent Paradise and, Sustainable Paradise.


The project aims to connect downtown with Barrio Logan community through a gateway. At the same time, it will connect with Balboa Park and the Martin Luther King Promenade. My commitment to improving the community was obvious. I volunteered to attend all the meetings, community workshops and I was guided by Michael Stepner (San Diego City Architect and Acting Chair of the Architecture department at NewSchool of Architecture and Design) as well as Rob Quigley (the architect who designed San Diego Central Library in Downtown) and Diego Velasco (Principle at M.W. Steele Group).  I worked on designing three different proposals for a pedestrian bridge that reflects the community's diverse culture, tradition, and history in one landmark. I worked with students from UCSD Urban planning department to collect community feedback. While researching the best way to communicate with the community, I developed a walk-through video that allows people to experience my designs. Also, I was asked to present my work at the community workshop where over 100 people have attended. My design was impressive that it was the only design featured in the Downtown San Diego News, with its height it would be the best monumental viewing bridge in San Diego and the article stated that

“It’s the perfect location for an iconic statement” (Wojcik, 2017)

14 Street Promenade - The Lyre
14 Street Promenade - The Pyramid

Most people know the pyramid as the great Egyptian pyramids of Giza, but the truth is pyramids are also a multicultural symbol. There are pyramids in more than ten countries including Mexico, Sudan, and England. The pyramid is a symbol of greatness and pride in all countries, and San Diego needs an assertive statement that states “San Diego care about its public realm.” That’s why the pyramid was chosen. It best suits the location and adds another level of artistic value with the moving sculpture that is in the center, floating in the air, moving with the wind and continuingly changing. The moving sculpture adds a dynamic touch to this modern pyramid shape.

14 Street Promenade - The Daimond 

The Diamond is a sign of purity and appreciation frequently used as a marriage symbol. This proposal aligns with how precise is public realm to San Diego. Adding a landmark that is an abstract of the diamond. It shows community diversity on the different surfaces of a diamond cut that gives it strength. Susan C Young MSA Stated that “A diamond’s creation requires immense pressure and intense temperatures to reach its highest potential. Without enduring the adversity and pressure of its environment, the diamond would never become the treasure it was meant to be. May the changes you grow through bring incredible value in helping you forge a remarkable and multi-faceted life.” Our community is an invaluable diamond built out of hard work and persevering. It's time to let it shine and own our public space.

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