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NPB Design Studio Awards

Led by a team of visionary professionals, NPB Design Studio consistently pushes the boundaries of creativity and functionality in every project they undertake. Their extensive portfolio showcases a diverse range of successful designs, each tailored to meet the unique needs and aspirations of their clients. With a proven track record of transforming spaces into vibrant, livable environments, NPB Design Studio remains at the forefront of the industry, setting new standards for urban design excellence.

At She Makes History Award Ceremony 2023, Noura Bishay and Samia Khair Honor Mayor Farrah N. Khan
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Round 2 J.M.K. Innovation Prize

When most people hear San Diego, they think of sunny beaches, ample tourism, and green parks, but ignore the historical communities of Barrio Logan and Southeast San Diego. These diverse communities carry the weight of their rich culture, impoverishment, disenfranchisement, and environmental toxicity; it is here where we see the interplay between racism, urban planning, and politics rear its ugly head. Cultural suppression, social injustice, economic inequality, health disparities, and pollution are eating us alive. Time to heal, inspire and empower our communities to be more resilient via social-impact urban design as employed
in the Park-to-Bay (P2B) Project, which targets the root causes, not the symptoms, by empowering the
The P2B model is centered around walkability, connecting parks to connect people. We share the community story by creating a multi-destination, inclusive, safe, and sustainable green corridor with a double-aisle of trees, community gardens, art corners, farmers' markets, pop-ups, street vendors, and more. P2B increases access to heritage sites & information by facilitating community walkability and inviting
P2B fosters job creation & cultural preservation while nurturing innovators and entrepreneurship. By creating opportunities for local vendors and artisans, the community can monetize, illuminate, and preserve its diverse heritage, identity, culture, traditions, history, & natural environment.
Heritage conservation will come in the form of placemaking, art, and community spaces, revealing hidden treasures and uniting our diversity to create a space that matters. Trees absorb pollution while encouraging daily physical activity, which also reduces chronic diseases and improves residents’ physical and mental health.
This is a plan to rebirth, re-imagine, and renew our city image that communities everywhere should implement now. Through thoughtful urban design that puts culture at the forefront, we can make a difference!

The J.M.K Innovation Prize

Nominated for the ILIA

Noura Bishay, the Park-to-Bay Project's Urban Designer was nominated for her Park-to-Bay project design that brings prosperity to marginalized communities. She designs spaces that heal, inspire, and empower the community to become more resilient.  #parktobay #ILIA #NouraBishay

Diversity and  Inclusion Award Nomination NPB Design Studio

University of San Diego Changemaker Challenge

NPB Design Studio Award - USD - Changemaker Challenge

San Diego is facing a housing crisis, increasingly exposing San Diegans to the risk of becoming homeless. With limited renting options to choose from, residents can’t afford the rent or live paycheck to paycheck. Using social impact design to combine function with community building, two graduate students tackle homelessness by innovating architecture, financial planning, and zoning for new and accessible housing opportunities.

San Diego American Planning Academic Award 2018

"The study adopted a previous plan concept of the Park-to-Bay corridor that connects two of San Diego’s biggest assets Balboa Park and the Bay. The Park-to-Bay Project is a 2.1-mile corridor that reunites three communities that used to be one; Barrio Logan, South Eastern San Diego, and Golden Hill. The corridor also connects four parks; Balboa Park, Grant Hill Park, Chicano Park and Cesar E. Chavez Park by a linear park. The jury was impressed with the study’s goal to promote an active healthy community, as well as a safer and healthier environment for the pedestrian, cyclist, and automobile users. The study utilizes research, precedents, site visits, site analysis, events like community planning groups and interviews to imagine how such a project can be accomplished. Finally, it develops a computer-based 3D model demonstrating the vision." 

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The University of San Diego 
Joan B Kroc Peace School Scholarship

Noura is honored to receive a $20,000 scholarship from the University of San Diego to study her second master's degree in social innovation. 

AIA Film Challenge

Although I didn't receive the award, The Park-to-Bay Project has been seen by over 4000 people and voted for by 1300 person. It's the first Egyptian Architect film to enter the AIA Film Challenge. There were 89 entrees,50 qualified for the challenge and we ranked the 8th in public voting. This is more than what I dreamt of.


I would like to thank the NewSchool of Architecture and Design, SDAPA and AIA San Diego for their support.

AIA Student Awards 2017

Although I didn't receive the award, I have submitted five projects that all my professors selected.

AAUW International Fellowship

A feminist from the third world decided to fill an application that was so complicated and long. I have never seen or wrote anything that deep and meaningful than the AAUW International fellowship application. I was chosen out of 3600 women who applied. I will forever be grateful for AAUW for believing in me. They reduced my financial stress and prepared a way for me to be successful. I remember contacting them everytime I had good or bad news. I also remember how happy I was when AAUW members came to share my happiness while receiving the San Diego American Planning Association Academic Award 2018.  

Presidential  Scholarship

Being on the dean's list most of the quarter gave me the advantage of receiving the Presidential Scholarship. I needed the money but this scholarship was more an honor to my achievements.

International Student Scholarship and Merit Scholarship

I would like to thank NewSchool of Architecture and Design for their generous scholarship for the international student. They invested in me before they even met me. It was for me, a woman from the third world country a dream that I wasn't allowed to dream of. 

San Diego AIA Scholarship

Although I could not accept it as it would not allow me to receive any other scholarship. I was honored to be chosen. This scholarship advertise is what made me decide to apply and although the fear of rejection was holding me back. I believe this scholarship was the reason I succeeded. 

Urban Design and Drafting Services- San Diego & OC 

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