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How to build in the era of social distancing?
How to use the corona crisis for your benefit?

In an era of social distancing, it is extremely hard to think about investing in your house and building an ADU. 

Let us be clear: this is not business as usual. We are aware and empathetic to the real impact of this global moment on our families and our communities. 

Here are five reasons why you should decide to build your ADU now:

  1. Labor cost is going down, make use of cheap labor. 

  2. Since we are moving into lockdown, you can manage your project and reduce the cost of a contractor. Make it a family project and build it yourself. 

  3. Material cost is going down.

  4. Get your permits ready to build by the mid/end of the summer.

  5. You can always list your ADU as section 8 and receive your rent from the county. 

  6. You can enjoy our 10% discount use promo code: Hope10 

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