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sb-9 San Diego

What is SB 9 ordinance?

Are you interested in SB 9 instead? What is SB 9? How would it work in a small lot? It’s a state bill that allows homeowners to add 2 Additional Dwelling units and one SB-9 House to single-family houses with specific requirements. It increases homeownership opportunities by allowing property owners in most areas of the state to divide their property into two lots; it also permits the construction of two homes on each of those lots, which has the effect of legalizing fourplexes in areas where only one home was previously permitted.

Simply put, you have 2 options with SB 9. Your first option is to divide your lot into 2 lots, in this case, each lot will contain 1 house and 1 Additional Dwelling unit (ADU). The Second option is Non-splitting SB-9 which will allow you to have 2 houses and 2 Additional Dwelling units (ADUs). SB 9 requirements may be different from one city to another call now (619) 450 9876 to schedule your site visit.

This video explains option 2, which has an existing house. In order to add 2 Additional Dwelling units (ADUs), we decided to remove the roof and add the ADUs on top ( the yellow blocks) then we added a 2 story house next to the existing house.

📌 City of San Diego SB 9 requirements

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📌 State SB 9 FAQ

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