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NPB Design Studio's Monumental Achievements in 2023: A Year of Impact and Recognition

In the realm of design and community empowerment, 2023 marked a remarkable year for NPB Design Studio and its visionary leader, Noura Bishay. Throughout the year, the studio achieved incredible milestones, leaving an indelible mark on various spheres, from design innovations to community welfare initiatives.

1. ADU School Video on YouTube: NPB Design Studio launched the ADU School video on YouTube, providing valuable insights into Accessory Dwelling Units. This initiative aimed to educate and empower individuals interested in optimizing their living spaces.

2. BBB Certified and BBB4Good Verified: The studio achieved Better Business Bureau (BBB) certification and BBB4Good verification, a testament to their commitment to ethical business practices and community welfare.

3. Creation of the She Makes History Award: In a stride towards recognizing remarkable women, Noura Bishay initiated the She Makes History Award, honoring exceptional achievements and contributions of women in various fields.

4. Award from the Mayor of Irvine: NPB Design Studio received a prestigious award from the Mayor of Irvine, acknowledging their outstanding contributions to architectural innovation and community enrichment.

5. Film Recognition and Award: The studio's involvement in a movie earned them accolades, highlighting their creative prowess beyond conventional design and their commitment to artistic ventures.

6. Table of Hope: Feeding 380 Families: Through the Table of Hope initiative, NPB Design Studio exhibited a profound dedication to community welfare by providing meals for 380 families, showcasing their commitment to social responsibility.

7. Designing the Irvine Rotary Garden of Hope: The studio's expertise in landscape design flourished with the creation of the Irvine Rotary Garden of Hope, a testament to their ability to craft spaces that foster positivity and well-being.

8. Torch Award Nomination: NPB Design Studio's commitment to ethical leadership and excellence led to a nomination for the esteemed Torch Award, recognizing their ethical practices in business.

9. Cultural Experience with Rotary Irvine: Collaborating with Rotary Irvine, the studio organized a captivating Cultural Experience, celebrating diversity and fostering cultural exchange within the community.

10. Completion of Empower by GoDaddy: The successful completion of Empower by GoDaddy marked a milestone in the studio's journey toward digital empowerment and business growth.

11. Small Business Growth Fund Recipient: NPB Design Studio secured the Small Business Growth Fund, a HelloAlice grant program, empowering them to reach their next milestones and expand their impact.

12. Board Membership at Tree San Diego: Joining the board of directors for Tree San Diego further amplified the studio's commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable design practices.

13. Board Membership at Irvine Rotary: Noura Bishay's appointment to the board of directors for Irvine Rotary showcased her dedication to community service and philanthropy, strengthening ties within the community.

In 2023, NPB Design Studio and Noura Bishay exemplified an unwavering commitment to excellence, community welfare, ethical leadership, and innovative design. Their contributions, initiatives, and accolades stand as a testament to their profound impact on both the design industry and the communities they serve.

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