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  1. Additional income: ADUs can be rented out for additional income, which can help homeowners pay off their mortgage or other expenses.

  2. Increased property value: Having an ADU on the property can increase the overall value of the property.

  3. Affordable housing: ADUs can provide affordable housing options for renters or family members.

  4. Flexibility: ADUs can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a guest house, home office, or studio.


  1. Cost: Building an ADU can be expensive, and there may be additional costs associated with permits, inspections, and utility connections.

  2. Zoning restrictions: Not all areas allow ADUs, and there may be restrictions on the size, location, and design of the unit.

  3. Parking requirements: Some areas may require additional parking spaces to accommodate the ADU, which can be difficult if the property already has limited parking.

  4. Maintenance: As with any additional property, there may be additional maintenance and upkeep required for the ADU.

  5. Scarifies part of your backyard for building

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