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What to expect during a site visit? and how to be prepared?

Site Visit Noura Bishay
Site Visit Noura Bishay

During the one-hour site visit, a professional designer will collaborate with you to brainstorm ideas and gain a comprehensive understanding of your project's constraints and limitations. The designer will ask personal questions to uncover your future goals and aspirations. Additionally, the designer will meticulously photograph every wall, roof, and floor on your property, while also providing you with your home county accessor report and a map based on their research.

To ensure a smooth site visit, there are a few things you can do to prepare. Firstly, familiarize yourself with the locations of your sewer, water, gas, and electrical meters. If your property is not connected to a sewer, it is important to know the whereabouts and specifications of your septic tank. Grant the designer full access to enter your house during the visit, and if you are renting, notify your tenants in advance. Lastly, be prepared to think big and envision your plans for the next 20 years.

After the site visit, the designer will gather additional information by visiting your city or county of jurisdiction. They will then create a scope of work that outlines the quantity and function of the proposed changes, including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen specifications, stories, and any special needs like wheelchair accessibility. An estimate will be provided, and upon approval, a contract will be signed, with 50% of the payment expected. The NPB Design Studio team will require access to measure the house and any attachments.

Within 1-2 months, the NPB Designer will present two designs for your consideration. Once you decide on a design or merge elements from both, and the design is approved, an additional 25% of the payment will be expected. Any subsequent changes made after the owner's approval will incur an extra cost and must be prepaid. The duration between the design and permit phase may range from 3-4 months, and once the permits are ready, the owner will accompany the designer to submit them, with the final payment expected at this stage. Permits typically rely on city staff, complexity of the project and may take 1 year or more.

Company Policy:

A site visit is an essential step in the design process that involves visiting a specific address, which cannot be changed once payment has been made. The owner is required to pay the site visit fee in advance, and the payment expires within 30 days if no date is reserved with the designer.

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