Noura P. Bishay is raising awareness about social impact and social equity design not only through architectural skills, but also through the heart she shows in wanting to serve unprivileged communities. She adds empathy to urban design, putting the community needs as her priority. The type of urban design she does seeks to make people feel safer, freer, happier and promote healthy, inclusive living styles. That’s why the community nominated Noura for the 2019 Inclusive and Diverse Leadership in Action Award.

Scale Sd Spotlight 

The Egyptian Architect

El Nudillo — “The Knuckle”

By Joan Wojcik | East Village News | Downtown San Diego News

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AAUW La Mesa and El Cajon

Notable Alumni- NewSchool of Architecture and Design

Only 10 Notable Alumni was selected Noura is one of them

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Green Network – Nolen Corridor – Park-to-Bay Project