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Sign the Park-to-Bay Project Letter of Support

I  am very supportive of the addition of Park-to-Bay project to San Diego, an endeavor that will link Balboa Park to the San Diego Bay through 25th Street and Cesar E. Chavez Parkway. This project is a linear park that reunites 3 underserved communities (Golden Hill, South East San Diego, and Barrio Logan) that were separated by the construction of Interstates 5 and 94 Freeway. It also connects four main parks: Balboa Park, Grant Hill Park, Chicano Park, and Cesar E Chavez Park.


The Park-to-Bay project will transform San Diego and be the legacy of the city not seen since the construction of Balboa Park. The outcomes of increased tourism, revenue, and GDP alone will be immense. Expected outcomes are far more than just economic, as the project fosters job creation, real estate appreciation, and promotes innovation and entrepreneurship. Initial case studies suggest this project will decrease cases of chronic illness, combat environmental pollution, and decrease traffic congestion.

Socially, the project fosters social cohesion and builds a more vibrant, healthy, sustainable, and inclusive community where all people can engage in activities that improve their day-to-day lives. Environmentally, the project decreases the carbon footprint by planting more than 3000 trees. It encourages people to walk and cycle, thus depending less on vehicles. The project adopts innovation in terms of green energy, water reuse, recycle and reclaim waste.


The Park-to-Bay Project aligns with the Climate Action Plan, Vision Zero, and Transit-Oriented Developments. It offers a more inclusive, safe, healthy, sustainable and walkable city. I am very supportive of this proposed project and I encourage Urban Designer Noura Bishay and friends of the Park-to-Bay to support this initiative and garner further fiscal, political, and communal support. I support the pursuit of grants from the State of California, County of San Diego, City of San Diego, as well as grants on a Federal level and from other organizations in order to implement the Park-to-Bay Project to help create a more inclusive and sustainable San Diego. I urge my council member to support the Park-to-Bay Project.

Thanks for your support!

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