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Our Vteam--volunteers

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Hannah L. Ashby

UCSD Student Leader


Hannah is a student leader at the University of California, San Diego. Her joint undergraduate and graduate degrees in International Economics underpin her passion for supporting environmental justice through economic consulting. She is driven and eclectic, challenging herself with Chinese language courses while taking graduate courses. Hannah’s love for Malaysian food is matched only by her love for traveling the world.


Dana Kozhakhmetova



Dana is a passionate urbanite and globe trotter with a Master’s degree in International Affairs. Her professional experience in Asian studies unexpectedly led her to San Diego where she is rethinking the role of urban environment and sustainability for the betterment of the local community. She is passionate about exploring cities on foot and believes that being deprived of choice between driving and taking public transit creates unnecessary social and economic challenges. Dana loves Moscow for its recent urban changes such as the transformation of public spaces and creation of vast purely pedestrian zones and sees a bright future for San Diego incorporating urban environments inspired by trending city developments around the world.


Shawn Glisson

Public Relationship

Shawn Glisson is a native of San Diego, having grown up in the South Bay communities of Bonita and National City. After more than 25 years of living in and travelling to communities across America from San Francisco to Dallas, Atlanta to Charleson SC, Glisson returned to his home hometown and is now a resident of the City of San Diego.


Glisson has had a long interest in community development and planning serving as a student intern for the San Diego Planning Department while still in High School, serving on the Awendaw Land Use Commission in the rural coastal community north of Charleston, SC and currently as a board member of City of San Diego’s Chollas Valley Community Planning Group.


Glisson enjoys extensive experience in technology management and marketing, national television advertising, corporate and community public relations, brand marketing, corporate sales, international distribution and project management.


A strong advocate of both the Chollas Valley Regional Park proposal and the more ambitious Park to Bay project, Glisson has observed first-hand the transformational ability of such park projects to positively impact regional communities in metros as diverse as Atlanta and San Antonio.

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